Product Design Process at Papa John's

I started working as a product designer at Papa John’s in February 2018 and began leading the UX team a year later managing our digital agency. I currently lead our digital experience platform including product management for AB testing, native app, web and customer insights.

Discovery and Process

Our purpose is to accelerate customer value through the design & delivery of delightful end-to-end experiences. As part of our process, we conduct discovery to ensure we are solving the right problems and establishing the objectives and key results. It is a user-centered process that starts with user data, creates design artifacts that address real and not imaginary user needs, and then tests those artifacts with real users.

We built and utilize a pattern library for our UX and front-end development practice so we are designing system of components rather than unique screens. Design systems aid in efficiency across an enterprise organization for speed and consistency. I spoke about design systems at CodeapaLOUsa in 2019. See my presentation here.

In addition to building and maintaining a design system, Papa John's had very little structure and maturity to their UX practice in 2019. I created a guide a process for our team by working with a consultant and our SVP of customer experience. These processes were largely focused on Lean UX methodologies and brought enterprise structure to the UX digital experience platforms we maintained. I created a process guide to document our foundational principles and how we work.

Review, Measure and Optimize

Serving as customer advocates, listening to the customer throughout our process, advocating for their needs and the intuitiveness and ease of their experience. Our work is never done, we continuously champion optimization and iterations, always looking for improvement based upon learnings.