Product Design Papa John's

Building a design system as we go

I started working full-time as a product designer at Papa John’s in February 2018. Papa John’s was in the early stages of establishing a design system. I have worked with developers & product management to establish and evolve the Papa John's visual language into an experience for our customers that is simple, modern & fun. Our new mobile app designs are inspired by the best rated transactional apps in the app store, with influence from Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and Google's Material Design.

Understanding the product & the problem

Problem framing is an essential step in address any customer pain points throughout the product lifecycle.

Validating Solutions

We use data & usability testing to validate design prototypes early prior to going into costly development iterations. I played a main role in Papa John's adopting User Testing as a tool for customer feedback.

Learning as we go

No product or feature is ever perfect when it launches as an MVP. The goal is to test, launch quickly & iterate.