Hi, I'm Brooke and I like art, design, and technology.


Curbside Pickup

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed how people interacted with restaurants. In response, businesses reacted by providing more options for customers and employees to safely pickup and serve food. At Papa John's, we faced a number of challenges to research, design, and operationalize a curbside pickup experience that met customer needs.


Product Design at Papa John's

We set out to make our digital experiences simple, modern and fun while meeting our goals of reducing user friction, adding customer value and achieving business outcomes.


Clique Beauty

I worked with a local entrepreneur to help make her vision a reality with her skincare line and e-commerce store. In addition, I created an alternate version of her salon logo and consulted on packaging design.


Atria Senior Living

I coded this landing page for a special promotion in HTML, CSS & Javascript.


Butchertown Grocery

I coded the Butchertown Grocery website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL.